About Islamic Microfinance


Microfinance has emerged as an important instrument to help a large number of “Unbankable” members of society to reduce poverty and encourage economic growth in neglected parts of the world.

It is widely accepted that micro finance is the most effective tool for alleviation of poverty and uplift the living standards of poor, but as per market studies conventional micro financial system could not serve the potential as expected due to the few deficiencies in the system.

Islamic microfinance has traits to provide a parallel support to the poorest of the poor and its imminent qualities leaves no room for structural devastation as emphasizes ethical, moral & social factors to promote equality and fairness for the good of the society.

Need Assessment of Islamic Microfinance Magazine

It is considerable that already many magazines are providing the news updates on Conventional Microfinance and on Islamic Banking & Finance but the way Islamic Microfinance is rising, its recognition is also essential.

AlHuda CIBE is an individual platform which is not only providing its excellence in Islamic Microfinance but also introducing a central hub of Islamic Microfinance News called “Islamic Microfinance News” dedicatedly focusing on Islamic Microfinance news and updates from all around the world.

“AlHuda Islamic Microfinance News” is a first ever leading publication in Islamic Microfinance Sector, offering information on Islamic Microfinance to microfinance world. With this News, professionals, busy investors, microfinance institutions managers, bankers and learners will find the opportunity to get timely, precise and easy-to-read information on Islamic microfinance through trained and learned Professionals, Experts, Panelists by their experiences through sessions, speeches and presentations designed under different tracks within the specific subject.

Islamic Microfinance News has its attribute that it will be publicized online & in PDF version.

The core objectives/Salient features of Islamic Microfinance News are:

  • Promote Islamic microfinance all around the world
  • Promote Islamic microfinance a compatible model as compare to conventional microfinance
  • Accomplish global practices on Islamic microfinance through national and international scholars and experts
  • Recognize Islamic microfinance a sustainable system worldwide for poverty alleviation
  • Provide innovative knowledge on various aspects of Islamic microfinance
  • Ensure constant growth of Islamic Microfinance Institutes

Editorial Policy

The purpose of “AlHuda Islamic Microfinance News” is to provide timely, precise and easy-to-read information regarding Islamic microfinance. “AlHuda Islamic Microfinance News” will connect its readers to leading key market players from Asia, Middle East, Africa, Europe and all around the globe. It publishes original articles that reflect the true picture of Islamic microfinance industry.

Regular Features/Segments of the Magazine

Regular segments of Alhuda Islamic Microfinance News are:

  • Islamic Microfinance News
  • Islamic Rural & Agri. finance News
  • Micro Takaful & Micro Savings News
  • Research Articles & Reports
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Discussion Forum
  • Case Studies & Success Stories
  • Islamic Microfinance Events and workshops
  • Waqf & BMTs

Target Market

  • Microfinance Institutions, Banks, Networks, Service Providers International & Local and International Donor Agencies
  • Rural Support Programs
  • NGOs and NPOs
  • Islamic and conventional Banks
  • Insurance and Takaful Companies
  • SMEs & Corporative Societies
  • Microfinance Professionals and Experts
  • Academia, Philanthropists and Investors
  • Regulators and Govt. Officials
  • Shari’ah Scholars and Experts
  • Credit Unions

Peneteration and Advertisement Strategy

We advertise Alhuda Islamic Microfinance News in the following ways:

  • Web Portal with daily updates
  • Monthly PDF version distribution ( about 50,000 )
  • Individual Emails and Bulk Emails
  • Advertise through own resources (AlHuda CIBE, HRC, True Banking, Islamic Microfinance Network etc)
  • Through International Conferences and Workshops