The Zakat Fund at the Ministry of Endowments (Awqaf) and Islamic Affairs provided aid worth QR 30,956,659 during last April and May, benefiting 1,896 families who are eligible for assistance inside Qatar.

Aids included the periodic and cut-off aid, all of which are aids disbursed by the funds management to the eligible families registered with it in accordance with Shariah regulations. The Zakat Fund administration is the government agency to which the law has assigned the jurisdiction to collect Zakat funds and disburse them to the beneficiaries who meet the conditions of Sharia banks.

The amount of periodic aid that was distributed and provided on a monthly basis to the eligible families amounted to QR 18,803,699, while the value of the lump-sum aid, which is one-time aid or more according to the families’ need, amounted to QR 12,152,960.

The Zakat Fund administration has approved the submission of all requests for assistance or the renewal of assistance, via the website: (, since the start of the precautionary and preventive measures taken by the state to limit the spread of the Coronavirus, in order to preserve the safety of all.

The administration of Zakat Fund was keen to facilitate the procedure for Zakat payers, without the need to come to the offices and collecting points, knowing that the fund has created on its website a page to pay Zakat in cooperation with the government ( , so that the Zakat payer can, through this link, calculate the zakat of his money of all kinds, as well as pay to pay it.

In addition, the amount of zakat can be transferred on the fund’s accounts in a number of banks (Qatar Islamic Bank, Qatar International Islamic Bank, Al Rayan Bank, Dukhan Bank), as well as through the ATM of Qatar Islamic Bank, and the application of Qatar Islamic Bank.

Those who wish to pay their Zakat can also go to Zakat Fund offices and points, and the main collection office located on Salwa Road, and they can also communicate with the express collection service through the hotlines

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