The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, UNHCR has committed itself to work closely with Islamic Philanthropic initiatives to expand the “Zakat Fund” to support Internally Displaced Persons in Nigeria.

This was the part of the views expressed by Amina Rai, Partnerships Communication Officer,  Private Sector Partnerships Africa, UNHCR through a Video presentation on WebTV’s ‘Islamic Finance Weekly’ programme.

According to Rai, there are 26.4million affected people in Africa, victims of violence, conflict, prosecution, and natural disaster in the country. In Nigeria, specifically, there are about  60, 239 refugees from Cameroon and a little over of 2. 62m  internally displaced persons in the North East area. She was of the view that UNHCR is also aware of the IDPs in the northwest and the middle belt of Nigeria. The spokesperson stated that the Refugee Agency believed that the Zakat fund could provide tangible support and relief to the people concerned.


The  Refugee Zakat Fund was established in 2019 as a trusted and compliant Zakat initiative to help transform the lives of refugees and displaced families, including in hard-to-reach areas.

The Refugee Zakat fund follows a 100% Zakat distribution policy, ensuring 100% of Zakat contributions are delivered directly to eligible families. Through the fund, vulnerable families, including women and children are supported with core relief items, cash assistance, shelter, healthcare and education.

Ria noted that the private sector including individuals, companies and foundations could play a strong and important role in supporting the efforts at protecting and assisting people forced to flee from conflict areas in the Sub-Saharan African region.

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