The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) announces the launching of the Islamic finance research support program to support researchers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and abroad, and to advance and benefit from scientific research.

SAMA has emphasized that the program will enhance the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s leading role in the Islamic finance sector globally and will confirm SAMA’s continuous effort and determination to achieve integration in the research system as part of its social responsibility obligations and pivotal role in the field.

Additionally, the program will contribute to fulfilling the objectives of the Saudi Vision 2030, which improves Saudi Arabia’s knowledge position. On the other hand, the program will give researchers the opportunity to develop and make scientific solutions and contributions to advance the qualitative development of Islamic finance.

The program covers a number of research areas, including: Islamic finance sectors; financial technologies (FinTech) in Islamic finance sector; regulations, standards and Shariah governance; endowment sector; capital markets and investment funds; and other areas related to Islamic finance sector.

The program offers two tracks to researchers in Saudi Arabia and abroad. Track I includes beginner researchers who are working on their graduation theses for Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. The program will provide such researchers with the support needed to complete and improve the quality of their papers. Such researchers can only participate as individuals.

Track II includes professional researchers who have research experience in Islamic finance and have previously published papers in international journals. Such researchers can participate in the program as individuals or as members of a joint research team that includes one researcher from SAMA.

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