Chairman of the Islamic Development Bank (IDB) Group, Dr. Ahmad Mohamed Ali, has praised a generous donation of SR one billion (US$ 267 million) by a philanthropist for 75 mobile health clinics that are to be launched under IDB supervision in rural and remote areas that have poor access to medical services, in IDB member countries and in Muslim communities in Non-member countries.

This was announced at the 297th meeting of IDB Board of Executive Directors held at the IDB headquarters starting 11 May, 2014. Dr Ahmed Ali explained that, as per the choice of the donor, the program will include the launching of 15 mobile clinics in Pakistan, 15 in India, 15 in Yemen, 10 in Afghanistan, 10 in Bangladesh, 5 in Tajikistan and 5 in Kyrgyzstan as well as their operations for at least 5 years. Subsequently, the host countries will commit to take charge of the clinics and operate them in the most competent and effective way. The IDB President added that the IDB would employ whatever it takes within its power to ensure this noble philanthropic program is implemented in the highest professional way.

The IDB Group Chairman, furthermore, encouraged capable philanthropists to follow suit and sponsor similar projects to serve populations that are most in need, in member countries and Muslim communities in non-member countries.